As of now we have listed top 20 interesting google facts that are amazing if something is forgotten then you can also tell us in comment.
  1. Google takes over 200 factors into account before delivering you the best results to any query in a fraction of a second.
  2. The company owns a bunch of domains that are common misspellings of Google, like goggle.com, Gogle.com, Gooogle.com, Goglr.com, and more.Google also owns 466453.com too ...
  3. There are about 40k Google searches per second [1].
  4. Google takes on moonshots projects that could change the world formillions of people. However, it also takes on important projects that only matter to a small number of people: In 2012, Google introduced theCherokee language in Gmail.
  5. Larry Page and Sergey Brin made the first Google Doodle in August 1998. They were heading to Burning Man in the Nevada desert, and wanted people to know where the Google crew would be for a few days, so they added the festival's logo.
  6. In 2013, about 91% of Google's $55.5 billion revenue came from advertising alone.
  7. Google's search index is more than 100 million gigabytes in size. It would take 100,000 one-terabyte personal drives to contain the same amount of data.
  8. Google might be the only company with the explicit goal to REDUCE the amount of time people spend on its site.
  9. Google has photographed more than 5 million miles of road for its Street View maps.
  10. Google has acquired 24 companies in 2014 alone — that's about two companies a month.
  11. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube — that's almost an hour for every person on Earth.
  12. Google offers so much more than just search.
  13. From the silly to the useful, these Google features will make you love Google even more than you probably already did.
  14. Google Image search "Atari Breakout" and prepare to forget whatever else you were supposed to be doing.
  15. Google's original name was BACKRUB. Then Google came as the spelling mistake of word "Googol". May be that's why googlers get free massages in office. :P
  16. Google's headquarter is called "Googleplex" which means the number equivalent to ten raised to the power of a googol.
  17. In Googleplex, TGIF (Thank God Its Friday) used to happen on each friday as weekly all-hands where Larry, Sergey and other googlers discuss about Google. As friday afternoon at Mountain view was too late for other offices of google worldwide, now it happens on each thursday and its called TGIAF. (Thank God Its Almost Friday)
  18. Google believes that employees should not have to go more than 150 feet to get food, so snacks are stationed within 150 feet of every employee.
  19. In YouTube, while watching a video, type 1980 (not in the search box). Mission command game will start and u have to play that to protect your video :P
  20. Well not unknown to many, u can click photo spheres using android camera and it looks like this.

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