Hello friends many of the use makes blog or start blogging either for expressing their view to the world or for the easiest type of earning from blogging. They in the joy starting the blog and posting the post content but first of all you have to post on your blog some interesting content on your blog so it will encourage the reader/visitor to access your blog. And one more important thing the interesting Title of your blog and the template of your blog.

      The most important point of your blog is make interesting your blog articles with images. then why you read this blog for getting tips on making money from blog. So if you are a blogger then first of all you get the ad sense from Google so get it from ad sense site of Google and the text links ads from the Infolinks site.Google Ad sense Site ) so want ads on your blog here is some site which give service of advertisement But unfortunately Google ad sense support only some of the language blogs ( For Details Visit.

  1. AdSense - Google AdSense is the biggest ads service provider it gives public service ads in starting then it started pay ads. but be aware that if you have logged in and you click your own ads on your own blog you may be penalized by invoking or banning your AdSense account.
  2. Clicksor- this site gives you text ads with banner ads even if you site in other language it finds the words.
  3. Infolinks - this site gives only text links ads but it also support only some languages At this time, all websites with content primarily in English can apply for the Info links Publisher Program. and it is in the process of adding several other languages to the Info links platform, so please be sure to contact us on info links site if you are a publisher with interest in another language.
  4. Ziddu- If you want to host some files on your blog and want to earn as well than this site is best it gives you opportunity to earn & share. u can upload files on this site and storage is unlimited but every file should be visited at least one time in 90 days. Whenever somebody download it you earn for it.
  5. Text Links Ads- this site also offer text link ad.
  6. Ad mob- This site is useful if you also have mobile site.
  7. Affiliate program of amazon-  its pay on the click and if the visitor purchase from there. program
  8. Bidvertiser- This site invites people to see the place of ads and you get the ad

  1. Chitika - This Sites Required first of all you have to apply for ads and after review they make it available for you.
  2. Buysellads 
  3. Smowtion - this site doesn't have any traffic requirement. you just have lo login and add a script in your blog. 
  4. Adhitz.com if you have a money making oriented blog than you should login for it.
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And  more important thing is that if you have amount approve in you ads account then they give option of payment by check or by Paypal if you have Paypal Account then you will get money in account instantly when you crossed your account threshold limit that you set. In the Next Post you will get info on the affiliates advertising.

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